Bob Decker Tarot Reader and Psychic Adviser

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About Bob

    Bob was born 2/8/58 at 5:30 PM EST in Redford, MI. His Sun is in Aquarius, his rising sign is Leo, and his moon is in Libra. This information is for people who are interested in astrology.
    He was raised by working class parents in the Detroit suburb of Livonia. He had a strong interest in science as a child, as well as encountering his psychic gifts from about age of seven.
    Bob's family moved to the small town of Farwell, MI. when he was thirteen. They wanted to escape the urban rat race and enjoy the natural beauty of northern Michigan
    Bob developed interests in musical history, comparative religion and philosophy while in high school. He was a member of the National Honor Society, student council president, and an aspiring actor.
    Bob attended Alma College in Alma, MI., where he majored in philosophy and religion. He was considering a career in academia but became disenchanted.
    He joined the U.S Navy and was stationed in Norfolk, VA. He made a civilian friend who invited him to a Spiritualist church.
    One evening he attended a Tarot class out of curiousity. He was immediately attracted to the cards and wanted learn more.
    He obtained a copy of Mastering the Tarot by Eden Gray and proceeded to study diligently. He tried reading for himself, and finding it accurate, proceeded to offer readings to his shipmates.
    "That's amazing"! "How did you know that"? "You answered my question without knowing what I was asking". The response from Bob's shipmates was so strong, he wound up giving 1,000 readings over the course of his first year with the Tarot.
    Bob began reading professionally in the early 1990's. He has touched many people in a powerful way with the Thoth Tarot (pictured throughout this website) and the Egyptian Cartouche Oracle Cards.
    Bob's current interests include Egyptian religion,the Holy Qabalah, Chi-Gong, meditation and magick. He is also a certified clinical hypnotist,specializing in Past Life Regression. To read more about hypnosis, click here.
    Call him today at 954-993-7580 or email him at to ask questions and make an appointment.
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